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Beehive Placement: Where Should I Place My Hives?

Real estate agents love to say, “Location, location, location!” So it is with beehive placement. The right location will benefit them (and you) tremendously.

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Asian Giant Hornets and Honeybees
December 14, 2023 · · Health & Pests

Asian giant hornets are the world’s largest hornet, measuring a whopping 1.75 inches in length (queens reach over two inches) with a wingspan of three inches!

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Bumblebees at Play
May 30, 2023 · · Beekeeping

When bumblebees were given small wooden balls, they romped with them. There’s no other way to describe it.

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The Lost Honeybees of Blenheim
April 3, 2023 · · Beekeeping 101

Blenheim estate of 6,000 acres contains Europe’s largest ancient oak forest, and in 2021 a marvelous thing was discovered: wild honeybees.

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Weird Honey

Add to Favorites By Sherri Talbot Honey, to most people, is a golden, amber colored syrup that comes wrapped in tiny, hexagonal segments wrapped in wax and contained in everything …

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DIY Screened Inner Covers
April 3, 2023 · · Hives & Equipment

Here’s a little DIY to show you how to create and use your own screened inner cover with little out of pocket expense.

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Single Deep Splits with Mated Queens
March 30, 2023 · · Beekeeping 101

Keeping up with the various types of splits and the myriad variations of each can seem daunting at first.

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Raise Bees in Your Backyard

Everything You Need to Know about Raising Honeybees from Beehives for Beginners to Beekeeper Supplies to Why Pollination is Important

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American Foulbrood Versus European Foulbrood
March 3, 2023 · · Health & Pests

American foulbrood and European foulbrood are perhaps two of the most commonly misunderstood diseases among beekeepers.

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The Thrill of Beelining

If you are looking for a hobby that gets you out in nature, requires patience and determination, and has all the thrills of a treasure hunt, then beelining is for you.

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